Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Rolling again!!

I've been back for a while now and while I'm enjoying living in London, I've already got my eye on the next challenge. Funnily enough, I first heard of this race from another volunteer when I was at the CRP in Dhaka last year. Honestly, I put this to the back of my mind as I wasn't expecting to be here in the UK for so long, but as fate closes a door, it opens a window. Here is mine.... http://bit.ly/uZPsAP

More info will be released in due course!!!

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  1. Peter: My name is Ashley Olson of wheelchairtraveling.com. A friend just told me about your website. You don't have a contact email so I hope you see this... eventually. You and I share the same passion for travel and to show the world that nothing is impossible. Would you like to do a guest blog for wheelchairtraveling.com? Please email me to talk further. Happy travels!